Bisexual Pastor Nikole Mitchell Reveals She Earns Extra Income by Rating Male Sexual Organ

Nikole Mitchell, a pastor-turned-stripper on OnlyFans, is earning millions each month with her saucy snaps. Men all around the world are ready to pay a hefty subscription to get access to her intimate content.

The former pastor, who is also a bisexual, has a whopping 182,000 subscribers on OnlyFans and makes around $100,000 per month. If posing in lingerie and nude wasn't enough to garner all the world's richness, Nikole revealed that she has stumbled upon a new kink and earns thousands of dollars from it without even posing for the cameras.

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three

In a recent Instagram post, Nikole stated that a fan asked her to rate the size of his p*nis and at first, she assumed it was a joke and let out a large laugh only to Google it out later and found that it's a growing kink among men and are ready to throw out a huge sum in return to get their d*ick rated by beautiful models.

Nikole also revealed she landed in one of Reddit's subcommunities where users are eager to get their private parts rated and was surprised how kind people behaved with each other in the group. The former pastor got in with the kink and now rates men's p*nis size in return of a separate subscription.

Many other models such as Adreena Winters and Romi Chase are cashing in on the latest kink and are making the most out of the fetish, as not many women are providing the particular service at the moment. The models along with getting a subscription fee also receive expensive gifts from men for satisfying their fetish.

Nikole had previously revealed that her stint as a stripper in OnlyFans has given her all the ''freedom'' that she has dreamt of and lives a ''magical life'' for herself and her family.

''It's all brought me to the magical life I have,'' she told the DailyStar. ''I make between $30,000 and $100,000 a month. I live in a million dollar home – where I have an amazing team working for me'' and ''I get to take my babies on all kind of trips,' she continued.