#BirdBox Challenge: Why is Netflix warning everyone against the new viral trend?

Youtube screengrab
Youtube screengrab

Sandra Bullock's Bird Box was announced as Netflix's highest grossing film after the online streaming company disclosed that more than 45 million viewers watched the film within a week of its release.

The film revolves around a mother (Sandra Bullock) and her two kids who embark on a journey down a river blindfolded. They do so to escape a dangerous entity that makes people kill themselves when they see it.

The movie, which has the characters in a blindfold for a major portion of it, has prompted many to take up the Bird Box challenge. This strange challenge involves people recording themselves doing any activity in blindfolds. These activities range from walking across a room to very dangerous and irresponsible tasks like driving, crossing a busy road or in some cases managing to walk your blindfolded toddler into a wall.

The insane number of videos uploaded in a very short time period prompted Netflix to release a statement discouraging everyone from participating in it.

The point to note here is that Netflix did not tell its audience to stop participating in it but just asked them to 'not end up in the hospital due to memes'.

Many fans took up the challenge including basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal who had to maneuver the backstage during the talk show NBA on TNT.

The hosts of Good Morning America also took part

The Bird Box challenge at work

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