Billie Eilish Boob Fetish: 100,000 Followers Ditch Her on Instagram, She Brands Them 'Babies'

Teen sensation Billie Eilish's obsession with boobs caused her a loss of 100,000 followers after she shared her favorite pictures on Instagram. Unperturbed by the drop in followers, which was highlighted by a user, Eilish called them "babies."

Earlier this month, Eilish sent the social media into a tizzy after she uploaded a series of videos slapping her boobs in order to get her dog's attention. Eilish had posted the videos on her Instagram stories, which later found their way to various social media platforms. "When you've got Yiddies like this, nothing hurts", she was heard saying in the video.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish shared the screenshot of her lock screen on Instagram Twitter

Billie Eilish Admits Loving Boobs

The singer participated in the "Post a Picture Of" challenge viral on Instagram. The issue cropped up when fans asked Billie to post a picture of her lock screen and a drawing she's really proud of. Eilish then went ahead to share the screenshot of her lock screen, which featured a watercolor painting of two naked women, in the shades of greens, yellows and reds.

Eilish shared image of sketches featuring parts of female anatomy including a pair of voluptuous breasts. Sharing her image of the drawing, Eilish captioned it saying, "These probably, lol I love boobs."

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish shared the sketches of female body parts. Twitter

Soon after the images were posted on her Instagram stories, a follower pointed out to the drop in her number of followers. "Bye not her losing 100K cuz of boobs," wrote the user while sharing the screen shot. Eilish, who had 73 million followers, was left with 72.9 million within minutes of sharing the NSFW images.

However, the drop in numbers did not affect the "Bad Guy" singer who wrote "LMFAOOO y'all babies smh," while reposting the original post of her follower.

Social Media Stands Behind Eilish

Billie Eilish was once again trending on the microblogging site with many offering support to the teen singer.

"@ billieeilish Haters going to hate, you know that... BTW, you're drawing looks a lot like my curvy current girlfriend (who's 40), and a nice nod to the he last 15 minutes of 1980's movie "Heavy Metal" . The Tarakians always come when needed. We need U NOW," wrote a user.

"Mad how everyone is fast to objectify billie eilish as soon as she wears something not majorly oversized but when she posts a drawing of boobs bare people unfollow her loool wtf," tweeted another.

"What the hell is the problem it just a snake and a pair of breasts, a pretty nice pair breasts but still, what is the problem, it's just a drawing," opined another.