Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to create a super cow

American billionaire Bill Gates is now closely working with the UK government to create super cows which are genetically enhanced. Bill Gates and the British government has already partnered with Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed), and as per latest reports, the Microsoft co-founder has donated $40 million for this cause.

Through this initiative, Bill Gates aims to help the UK government to create a super cow that can give much more milk than European breeds. The billionaire believes that such cows will bring an end to hunger in underdeveloped African countries.

"If you care about the poor, you should care about agriculture. And if you care about agriculture, you care about livestock. What that means in this context is helping poor farmers get as much as possible out of their animals," told Gates to an audience at the University of Edinburg, Reuters reports.

During the talk, Gates told that livestock which includes sheeps, cattle, and goats are a long-term asset to families, and enhancing their productivity will help farmers during bad times.

Reacting to Bill Gate's noble deed, Penny Mordaunt, Britain's international development minister said that this move will not only help UK farmers but will benefit more than 100 million African farmers.

"We think that the result of this investment will help 100 million African farmers, but also give a pay-back to UK farmers as well, as the disease doesn't stop at borders," told Penny Mordaunt to Thomson Reuters.

The Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines will use Bill Gates' investment to research on vaccines which impact the breeding of cows, thus resulting in higher production of milk. The research team also aims to create better quality eggs in chicken, and even crops that are drought and climate resistant.

Experts reveal that genetic modification and artificial insemination will be used to materialize this dream project of creating super cows.