BigHit Music Releases Official Statement Updating Legal Proceedings Against Netizens Violating BTS' Rights

BigHit Music has released an official statement updating K-pop fans and the other netizens about the firm's new legal proceedings against violating BTS' rights. The firm released the update in Korean and English through Weverse on Wednesday.

In the statement, the company explained that it would take legal action against anybody who violates the rights of BTS members. The firm will initiate legal proceedings against the people involved in malicious activities against the music band.

The firm then stated that it would file legal complaints against those involved in activities like ill-intentioned criticism, sexual harassment, personal attacks, the spread of groundless information, and defamation.


Criminal Complaints Against Personal Attacks and Defamation

BigHit Music further said that it recently filed additional criminal Complaints against people who posted content with personal attacks and defamation. The company gathered information about netizens involved in malicious activities through the firm's monitoring initiatives. The firm also used the information provided by the fans.

In the statement, the company emphasized the firm's policy of "no settlement" and "no leniency" against the people postings malicious content. It also warned the netizens that strict measures would be taken against them against the accusers coming up with false claims.

However, the firm did not share any details about the malicious activities they are concerned about. They did not even mention a particular reason for releasing the statement.


Here is the Complete Statement by BigHit Music:

BTS member V Instagram

Recently, several criticisms and malicious comments popped up online against BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung. When the K-pop idol returned to South Korea after attending the CELINE's show for Paris Fashion Week, he did not greet the fans waiting at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center.

Although the singer apologized to his fan through Weverse for not greeting the crowd, several netizens commented about his attitude and ignorance. This issue could be one of the reasons for BigHit Music to release an official statement.

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