Biden's Health: Why is President Whispering Into Microphones Repeatedly During Official Events?

US President Joe Biden was caught whispering again while addressing audience during his visit to a transit center in Wisconsin. The repeated act prompted many netizens to wonder if Biden's act is deliberate.

Biden was in Wisconsin to promote his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package as a "generational investment". He spoke about the investment of $48.5 billion on public transit to reduce commute time and emissions.

Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden. Twitter

Biden Whispers About Tax Break for Ordinary People

While addressing the gathering at public transit center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the US President talked about the need for "generational investment" Biden also emphasized on the expanded Child Tax Credit, which will allow eligible families to claim $3,600 for each child under six and $3,000 for each child aged six to 17, according to Daily Mail.

It was at this point that Biden leaned forward into the mic and widening his eyes whispered, "Hey guys, I think it's time to give ordinary people a tax break," he whispered. "The wealthy are doing fine."

Last week concerns were raised about Biden's health after he was caught whispering repeatedly while addressing a press conference at the White House. Biden's strange whispering antics sparked the 'Creepy Joe' trend on social media. The incident had taken during a Q&A session with the reporters.

Social Media Rattled by Biden's Whispering

The clip of Biden's whispering act soon found its way to the social media. Biden, who was earlier branded 'Creepy Joe' for whispering in the White House, left many wondering if this act was a deliberate attempt to emphasis on his statements.

"You know what's so funny/sad about this, is that Joe Biden, at any given moment, has no idea where he is or what he's doing. Did you watch him whispering into the mic for no apparent reason? I do Pray for Potus Biden, I consider what's happening is Elder Abuse," wrote a twitter user.

"Objective people only please weigh in on this: Who thinks the whispering thing is a good idea in communicating a message?" questioned another user.

"I have watched Joe for over 30 years on numerous programs. I have never seen him whisper. Is this a strategy or is he trying to hear them talk in his ear and he can't hear them over his own voice?" wrote another.