Biden Supporters Bully 7-Year-Old, Assault his Mother for Backing Trump [VIDEO]

A video of two female Biden supporters attacking and harassing a 7-year-old boy and his mother outside the DNC Convention in Delaware goes viral.

A large crowd of Trump supporters descended upon the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, where Joe Biden took center stage as he addressed the nation as the Democratic nominee for president on Thursday.

A video of two female Biden supporters attacking some of the Trump supporters, including a 7-year-old boy named Riley and his mother, after the convention is now being widely circulated on social media.

The clip starts off with one of the women, wearing black, dragging what appears to be a "Creepy Joe" sign with her feet along the pavement of the parking lot.

'Your Mom F*cking Likes Trump'

Biden supporter

"Get off my property! Are you destroying my property?," Riley's mother can be heard saying to the woman. "Yes, we are," she responds before she and her companion in red tear up the sign and hurl it at the mother, who points out to them that what they are doing is considered as a felony.

The women then grab a "Make America Great Again" lying nearby and try to walk towards the parking lot when Riley comes running towards them telling them the hat belongs to someone else.

Riley can then be heard crying as his mother urges him to get his hat back. "I just wanted to sit on the floor," the child can be heard saying as he begs the women to return the hat.

"We don't give a f*ck. Your mom f*cking likes Trump," the woman in red tells Riley. The mother then follows the women into the parking lot asking them to return the hat.

'Mom, Call 911!'


The woman in black then tells the mother to back off as she tries to get her hat back. "You're going to steal my property? I'll follow you to your car and get your license plate," the mother says to the woman as she continues filming.

"Mom, call 911," Riley says to his mother. "Your baby sounds like a b*tch," the woman tells the mother, who then calls a person named "Taylor" over. "These people right here are taking your hat," she tells him. "They attacked my son."

Biden supporters bully 7-year-old

Taylor then approaches the woman and tries to grab the hat from the woman's hand, when she takes a swing at him. The woman then throws the hat over a fence before a heated exchange takes place between the mother and the woman in red.

"We will knock you the f*ck out," she yells as she is held back by her male friend, who appears on the scene. The video ends with the woman in black approaching the mother and assaulting her. Watch the full clip below: