Beyonce shares a piece of her heart with her fans in her new video 'All Night'

Beyonce has clubbed all her precious and private moments in her latest video track 'All Night'.

Beyonce's new track "All Night'
Beyonce shares a glimpse of her private life in her new track. Tumbler

A pompous set, shining cars, big houses, hot models, beaches, graphics: All such things cross your mind while thinking about Beyonce and her always topping the charts, video songs.
This time Beyonce has proved you all wrong!

Beyonce has unveiled a standalone clip for her song 'All Night'. The video for the track is an individual clip from Beyonce's gorgeous visual album Lemonade. She released the video clip for her recent song track 'All Night' featuring her past life and some of the precious memories of her life, conjuring beauty from the things left behind. At this standpoint Beyonce preferred to turn back and rewind all the beautiful and heartwarming moments that had happened to her including her marriage and the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

The video for the Diplo-produced track is beautiful with real life images of her wedding day when she could be seen wearing her lovely wedding gown and cutting the wedding cake with husband Jay Z. In a voiceover in the video clip, Bey is found saying, "True love brought salvation back into me, with every tear came redemption and my torturer became my remedy. So we're gonna heal and we are gonna start again."

The video also picturizes Bey's grandmother Hattie's 90 Birthday when she is talking about her Lemonade. Bey celebrates love and the spirit of togetherness featuring couples posing and kissing with their children around. There is also a clip of Jay and Blue Ivy playing American football on the New Orleans Saints' field.

While some her fun moments with Jay Z are delightful to watch, pictures of Beyonce with a baby bump and Jay Z kissing his little daughter are quite cute and endearing. Most adorable moment of all was a throwback clip featuring daughter Blue Ivy as a baby hand-feeding Jay Z. There is also a clip of Jay and Blue Ivy playing American football on the New Orleans Saints' field

The 35-year-old artiste is one of the most famous singers and is now sharing a glimpse of her private life with her fans. With such a heart touching video of Beyonce cherishing every loving moment with her beloved husband and cute daughter, true love surely doesn't have to hide.

This article was first published on December 1, 2016