Beware! These Popular Sunscreen Lotions From Top Brands Can Cause Cancer

A range of popular sunscreen products from top brands could make you really sick if they are used after the expiry date, according to a new study. Researchers from the US and France have found that a number of popular sunscreen lotions contain a chemical substance called 'octocrylene' which can cause cancer.

In the ground-breaking research, the researchers selected a range of sunscreen products purchased from shops in the US and France - including some products used by babies and children. They aged the branded sunscreens over six weeks to reflect the age of the products after a year in a normal house.

The experiment results showed that over time those with the 'octocrylene' developed a dangerous chemical which in fact is harmful and become carcinogenic. Researchers said that over time octocrylene can produce another compound called benzophenone or take the form of carcinogen benzophenone.

Sunscreen products
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Shockingly, the dangerous chemical was found in Garniere, Bioderma, LaRoche-Posay, L'Oreal, Coppertone, Banana Leaf and Neutrogena products including in some products made for children. Sunscreen products containing the organic 'sun filter' chemical called 'octocrylene' can cause skin cancer.

Earlier, two French environmental groups raised the alarm over dozens of branded sunscreens marketed for children. They warned the people about the contain dangerous substances that should be banned.

"When it is on the skin, benzophenone can induce dermatitis. It can cause cancer, especially liver cancer," Dr Didier Stien, who is one of the authors of the study told the media.

Dangerous Sunscreen products
Sunscreen products can cause cancer YouTube Screen Grab

Sunscreens Banned

Meanwhile, the Hawai'i Senate Bill has banned sunscreens containing harmful petrochemicals, avobenzone and octocrylene. The sale of sunscreen products containing these two chemicals has been banned in Hawai'i after a bill was passed by the Hawai'i Senate.

This initiative follows a 2018 law that banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Studies have shown harmful side effects of these petrochemical sunscreens to human health, coral reefs and marine species as well.

"This is great news for our imperiled coral reefs and marine life," Hawai'i director and staff attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity Maxx Phillips said further adding that people can protect their skin without harmful petrochemicals

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