Best premium apps to download free of charge

Here are the most useful and helpful iOS apps that you can download now without spending a dime.

free ios apps
Some iOS apps are shown on an iPhone's screen taken on September 6, 2017 (Alvy/Microsiervos/Flickr)

Free iOS apps hunters can take delight in these App Store goodies as Apple put them on a big sale. While there are tonnes of iOS apps on the sale rack up for free download, here are the most useful and helpful ones to treat you.

Ruler (US$0.99)

Carrying ruler sticks around anytime and anywhere is just not viable. The Ruler app allows you to lug your virtual measuring stick around with all its comfort. It works by placing your finger on the screen and slide accordingly to reel the ruler. Get Ruler for iOS from the App Store.

Life Hacks (US$0.99)

Life, in general, can be tough at times, and getting through difficult situations sometimes put us in a bottleneck. The purpose of the Life Hacks app is to make everyday life easier. It has varying life-hacking tips to help you get through the day with flying colours. Get Life Hacks for iOS from the App Store.

PhotoX Pro (US$2.99)

This app has over 500,000 live photos and wallpapers you can choose from, of which are some of the best in finest quality possible. Get PhotoX Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Animated Arts (US$0.99)

Animated Arts is not your ordinary camera app as it can turn your live photos, videos and GIFs into a single artsy animated media. You can also make a live wallpaper out of your output. Get Animated Arts from the App Store.

Cleaner Pro (US$2.99)

Downloaded for more than a million times on the App Store, the Cleaner Pro app proves to be a trusted tool. The app's main goal is to find duplicate contacts of a similar phone number or email and merge them. Get Cleaner Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Yoga (US$0.99)

With 111 poses that you can look for, this app seems like you are having your yoga instructor right before you. There are nine distinct classes you can take--all in stunning HD quality. Get Yoga for iOS from the App Store.

This article was first published on October 19, 2017