Bennedict Mathurin's Viral Video Touching TCU Cheerleader's Bo*b Lead Arizona Star to Apologise

Bennedict Mathurin's viral video touching cheerleader's breast sparks massive controversy on social media.

A video of Arizona Star Bennedict Mathurin touching a TCU cheerleader's breast has gone viral on the internet that has sparked much controversy. The awkward incident took place few seconds after Mathurin, 19, was photographed raising his arms in celebration after Arizona's 85-80 overtime victory over TCU on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

While heading back to his locker room, the Arizona star kept celebrating their big win when the camera caught his hands touching the breast of the TCU cheerleader. While it is unclear if her did it deliberately, it looks like there wasn't enough room for Mathurin to stretch his long arms while he exited the court as we can see in the viral video.

However, the Arizona star has now tendered an apology for the awkward incident that has already sparked much criticism on social media. Reportedly, on Wednesday, Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke has addressed Mathurin's viral incident, saying the player has reached out to TCU to personally apologize for the awkward incident.

Bennedict Mathurin
web screen grab

Mathurin reached out to the TCU cheerleader through Athletic Department to apologize

"Shortly after returning to Tucson, I was notified that people on social media were claiming a video clip showed Bennedict Mathurin may have made physical contact with a TCU student while walking off the court," Heeke said in his statement to ESPN.

"I have reached out to TCU's Athletics Department and I spoke with Bennedict. While he does not recall any contact, he has attempted to reach out to the TCU student through their Athletic Department to apologize," the Arizona athletic director further said.

Meanwhile, the viral video of Mathurin has lead to some serious allegations on social media. However, some have even supported him by saying that the TCU cheerleader was standing too close to the court exit.

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