Bella Green: Sex Worker and Comedian Dies Unexpectedly Aged 38 as Tributes Pour in for 'Deeply Cherished Friend'

Green remained highly engaged on her Twitter account, even posting a picture of one of her beloved pet cats just five days prior to her passing.

A sex worker turned stand-up comedian has died at the age of 38. Bella Green, who worked at brothels in Sydney and Melbourne, passed away last Tuesday, sparking an outpouring of grief. Green made a name for herself in the comedy world and entertained stand-up enthusiasts through her tour titled 'Bella Green is Charging For It.'

Her case of death is currently unknown but friends thanked those who "knew and cared for her." In 2021, Bella Green published a memoir titled 'Happy Endings,' where she candidly shared the experiences of her life as a sex worker and the path that led her into the daring industry.

Untimely Death

Bella Green
Bella Green Twitter

Green remained highly engaged on her Twitter account, even posting a picture of one of her beloved pet cats just five days prior to her passing. Green has been fondly remembered as a 'deeply cherished friend' and was highly esteemed within the sex work and LGBTIQA+ communities.

"Bella leaves behind a large community of grievers whose lives were impacted by all that she was and all that she created," a GoFundMe set up to cover funeral and memorial arrangements for Green read.

"I'll always cherish my friendship with Bella. She was awe inspiring and I'm so grateful that she was a part of my life," one of her fans wrote.

Bella Green
Bella Green Twitter

"Bella was such an amazing person. I'll miss how her mind works. And how kind and sweet she was," wrote another of her fans.

"Your fierce independence gave me the courage to find my own," a third fan tweeted.

"The world got a little more boring, a little less bright," wrote yet another fan.

In an updated announcement, friends conveyed that the fundraiser had exceeded their initial expectations, and they were astounded by the overwhelming response. It became evident that a significant number of mourners would be attending her funeral to pay their respects.

A Life Worth Remembering

In her memoir, Happy Endings, Green provided readers with a glimpse into her life, recounting her upbringing in a broken family. At the age of 16, she was forced to leave home and had to confront intense struggles with crippling depression and manic highs.

Bella Green
Bella Green Twitter

Throughout her journey, she experienced love and desire with both female and male partners.

However, her true passion, where she felt she belonged, was on the stage, sharing laughter through her jokes and stand-up performances.

Green's comedic talent first emerged as she shared jokes in brothels. Her skills led her to be nominated for the Best Comedy award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2018, and she eventually secured the honor in Adelaide two years later.

Bella Green
Bella Green GoFundMe

In her humor, she playfully remarked that her greatest accomplishment was maintaining employability despite having tattoos on both her hands.