Belarus Opposition Leader Says Lukashenko in Critical Condition After Alleged Poisoning

Top Belarus Opposition leader has claimed president Alexander Lukashenko is in hospital and in critical condition.

Valery Tsepkalo claimed on Twitter the Belarusian strongman took ill after a closed door meeting with close ally Vladimir Putin.

The Opposition, which has waged street battles to oust Lukashenko, says the president was in Moscow when he developed an unknown illness.

"According to preliminary information, subject to further confirmation, Lukashenko was urgently transported to Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital after his closed-door meeting with Putin. Currently, he remains under medical care there," Tsepkalo wrote on Twitter.

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko Twitter

"The best specialists were sent to return him from a condition assessed by doctors as critical," he added. He also claimed the president's health was too bad that it was not possible to transport him from Moscow.

"The orchestrated efforts to save the Belarusian dictator are aimed to dispel speculations regarding Kremlin's alleged involvement in his poisoning ... The organized measures to rescue the Belarusian dictator were aimed at averting speculation about the possible involvement of the Kremlin in his poisoning ... It doesn't matter if he returns to working order or not, doctors warn of a possible recurrence of relapses"It doesn't matter if he return," he said, according to the Newsweek.

There is no update from the official Belarusian government circles about any illness the president is suffering from. The Belarusian president's office refused to comment on the speculation, said the Daily Mail. However, there have been speculations about Lukashenko's health in recent times as the president looked frail and ill at times.

The rumors about his health made Lukashenko, 68, admit some days ago that he was suffering from a common flu. He told supporters to ignore rumors about his health.

Azov Battalion
Putin with the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko Twitter

"I'm not going to die, guys. You'll have to struggle with me for a very long time to come," he said earlier this month.

The president, who has been in power since 1994, said he was suffering from an adenovirus, a common cold virus. "If someone thinks I am going to die, calm down," Lukashenko said.

The western press has reported on Lukashenko's illness and alleged poisoning earlier as well. These reports, most of which are by British tabloids, usually cite a Belarusian opposition figure to write unverified news about the health of the president.