Beijing Will Conquer Taiwan by 2025; Article Detailing Invasion Plan Goes Viral

A bizarre article that was published a few years ago with an ominous warning that China would conquer Taiwan by 2025 has resurfaced on Chinese social media. The article detailing China"s Taiwan invasion plans is going viral on Chinese social media amid the ongoing disputes between Beijing and Taipei.

Beijing-based website Sohu, which is known for its propaganda from the Chinese government, published the article that explains how Beijing will settle score with its neighbors and re-conquer lost territories which include Taiwan, India, Japan and even Russia.

Viral Article Says China Must Send an Ultimatum to Taiwan by 2020

The Sohu report claims that the country would first go to war with Taiwan between 2020 and 2025. The article raised the need for a war to unify Taiwan with mainland China. It said China must send an ultimatum to Taiwan by 2020 to choose peaceful unification or war, reported EurAsian Times. It describes war with Taiwan as a "three-month ordeal" without the US and Japan's intervention.

Taiwan fishermen arrive at Chinese-controlled Taiping Island seeking resupply
A Taiwanese fishing boat set sail to Itu Aba, which Taiwan calls Taiping, Taiwan's sole holding in the disputed Spratly Islands, in protest against a tribunal's ruling on the South China Sea. Reuters

Top US Admiral Warns that China Could Invade Taiwan in Next 6 Years

A top US commander had earlier warned that China could invade Taiwan within the next six years as Beijing accelerates its moves to supplant American military power in Asia.

"I worry that they're [China] accelerating their ambitions to supplant the United States and our leadership role in the rules-based international order... by 2050," said Washington's top military officer in Asia-Pacific, Admiral Philip Davidson.

Taiwan Lives Under Constant Threat of Invasion by China

Democratic and self-ruled Taiwan faces constant incursions by Chinese forces. The CCP leaders view Taiwan as part of their territory and which they have vowed to one day take back.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's had earlier said Taiwan could be unified with China by force "if necessary". Jinping's speech marking the one hundredth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party demonstrated China is unlikely to drastically change its approach to Taiwan anytime soon.

A Global Times editorial published on September 13 says that PLA jets will eventually patrol over Taiwan. It says, "Sending PLA fighter jets over the island of Taiwan is a step we must take. It will be a clear declaration of China's sovereignty over Taiwan island, and create unprecedented conditions for us to further implement this sovereignty."

The Sohu article comes after some reports say the Biden administration is considering a request from the Taiwan government to change the name of its mission in Washington from Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office to Taiwan Representative Office. The US had repeatedly stressed its support for Taiwan maintaining that it is "rock solid".