Before Robert Fuller, Another Black Man Named Malcolm Harsch Was Found Hanging From a Tree in California

Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch - both black men, were found hanging from trees at sensitive locations in California, amid nationwide anti-racism protests

Ten days before the African-American man Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree in front of City Hall at Palmdale, California, another man of the same origin was discovered dead in similar circumstances. The 38-year-old Malcolm Harsch was found hanging from a tree on May 31, at Victorville, situated 50 miles (80 km) from Palmdale.

Authorities said they do not suspect a foul play, however, the investigation is still ongoing. On Saturday, Harsch's family released a statement in which they said that although the cause of death hasn't been released, they are concerned it will be termed as suicide, as the same was communicated to them on June 1.

Malcolm Harsch Death

Malcolm Harsch
Malcolm Harsch Twitter/African American Policy Forum

His family raised questions about Harsch's demise, especially at a time when racial tensions are high in the country. They said that the deputy who called them asked questions about drug or alcohol use and commented on how coronavirus has "hit people really hard", Victor Valley News reported.

Also, a USB cord was used in the hanging that took place in front of the city library. According to his family, bloodstains were found on his shirt, but the site didn't appear to show any signs of struggle. His body was at the San Bernardino County Coroner for 12 days before an autopsy was performed.

His family said that Harsch wasn't suicidal or depressed and had recently talked to his children about seeing them soon. They fear that his death will be waived off as suicide to avert media attention. But a black man hanging himself from a tree amid raging protests against racism doesn't add up, his family further added. They have sought justice from authorities, "not comfortable excuses".

Robert Fuller's Death

Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller (24) was found hanging from a tree at Palmdale, California Twitter/Cerise Castle

Malcolm Harsch's case has an uncanny resemblance with that of Robert Fuller, a 24-year old African-American man whose body was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday, at Palmdale, California. His death was swiftly termed as suicide by authorities, sparking intense public outrage.

They raised questions on why did he commit suicide in front of the City Hall, at a time when anti-racism protests are raging through the United States. They also questioned Palmdale police's statement that no video footage of the incident was available, although it took place at such a sensitive location.