Beecroft Animal Specialist & Emergency Hospital emerges as a one-of-a-kind veterinary hospital in Singapore.

Beecroft Animal Specialist

Founders Drs. Patrick and Rina Maguire have ensured Beecroft rises as a dedicated facility for dogs and cats, as well as for birds and exotic pet animals.

Discovering unique brands and businesses that stand out in their respective sector is truly astounding. What is even more impressive is how most of these brands have been created from ground up through the specialities, education, and expertise of their founders and how, most importantly, they have been created by focusing on a very genuine intent to add more value to the lives of those their services cater to.

We couldn't help but notice how Beecroft Animal Specialist & Emergency Hospital emerged as one such brand and a facility based in Singapore that today has earned a special place for itself in its industry, rising as a distinctive hospital, grown under the vision and leadership of its founders, Dr. Patrick (a small animal surgical specialist) and Dr. Rina Maguire (an exotics companion mammal specialist).

Their Emergency & Critical Care services is available around the clock. Their cutting edge advanced medical facility for animals is a dedicated facility for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. Beecroft is the only veterinary service in Singapore with a recognised specialist in exotic companion mammals, making it a unique name in the industry and a highly trusted one.

The two founders have put their hearts into creating this facility, one that started off as a mobile surgical team of two. They found a gap in the industry, realising the need to develop a dedicated rehabilitation programme to help their patients regain and maintain strength and mobility. This led them to set up the Veterinary Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Centre at Balestier Road. Soon after, Dr. Rina pioneered a clinic at East Coast Road to cater to the needs of avian and exotic pets in Singapore.

Today, the rehabilitation centre and exotics clinic are integrated at Beecroft Animal Specialist & Emergency Hospital. The Beecroft hospital stands on four pillars: surgery, birds & exotic pets, internal medicine, and rehabilitation. Beecroft brings people from different expertise and backgrounds together to create an exemplary referral facility with state-of-the-art technology.

What makes this Singaporean facility a unique name in the industry is that they are the only referral veterinary hospital wholly owned by specialists in Singapore. The 10,000-square-foot facility is equipped with a CT and a 1.5 T MRI machine, two digital radiography rooms, ultrasound machines with echocardiography, scope equipment, interventional radiology facility, rehabilitation area, emergency treatment area, ICU, dedicated dog, cat, and exotics wards, and three surgical suites (one equipped with a fluoroscope).

The foundation of Beecroft hospital continues to strengthen itself, improving its services for their clients, and their companion animals. The hospital sees patients like dogs and cats, as well as small exotic animals like rabbits, birds, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. The Beecroft Avian & Exotics clinic continues to be dedicated to pet wellness screening which, just like humans, provides valuable insights into the pets' health, enabling early detection of potential issues, and the opportunity for owners to take proactive measures in maintaining their health.

Among a myriad of services that Beecroft avian & exotics provides for exotic animals are wellness examinations, life stage care, which includes neonatal counselling and senior care, comprehensive diagnostics, advanced dental care, spay and neuter, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedic surgery, medical grooming, and husbandry evaluations.

Drs. Patrick and Rina Maguire are deeply appreciative of their clients for their support, and for referring veterinarians who have forged meaningful collaborations with them.