Bed Friend Episode 5 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Bed Friend episode 5 will air on GMM ONE Saturday, March 18, at 10.45 pm ICT. The chapter will follow King and Uea as they enjoy a trip with their colleagues. People in Thailand can watch the mini-series on TV.

The followers of this Thai BL drama from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, can watch the drama with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including iQIYI App.

GagaOOLala App and iQIYI App will stream the mini-series in some regions. In other countries, Mandee Channel will release every episode with subtitles weekly. But the international fans of this drama will have to wait a couple of hours more from the original telecast time for the episode release. The subtitling team may release the chapter soon.

Here are the international air timings of Bed Friend episode 5:

  • Australia - 2.45 pm
  • The UK - 3.45 pm
  • India - 9.15 pm
  • The Philippines - 11.45 pm
  • South Korea - 12.45 am
  • The US - 10.45 am


The fifth episode of Bed Friend will introduce a new character to the viewers. King and Uea will work with a new person in the fifth episode of Bed Friend, which will air on Saturday. The boss introduced the new team member, who is his nephew Krit. The preview for this week shows Krit flirting with Uea on the first day of his work. Krit tells Uea he is good at coding. Krit also told Uea he might need the graphic designer's help for some work. King quickly understands his move and takes his boyfriend away.

Bed Friend
Bed Friend poster Twitter/iQIYI

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of this Thai BL drama might take the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster of events. The preview shows King telling Uea that his mother wants him to go on a blind date. King then asks Uea if he should go. The followers of this Thai BL drama will have to watch episode 5 to know if Uea will tell King to go.

Bed Friend Episode 4 Recap

Previously, Uea's former lover, Pok, tried to rape him. King reached out in time to help him. After the incident, Uea did not dare to stay alone. So, he stayed with King for a week. When Uea felt better, he went back to his house. He wanted to have his birthday meal with Jade. But his sister requested him to spend the day with the family.

Uea went home in hopes of having a good time with the family. But his stepfather tried to get close to him. Uea did not feel comfortable around him. So, he left without having the special birthday meal prepared by his mother.

In the flashback scene, the viewers see Uea sexually abused by his stepfather. When Uea tells his mother everything, she does not believe him. She locks her son inside the bathroom for wrongly accusing his stepfather. After returning home, Uea meets King and celebrates his birthday with him.

King and Uea go on a company outing with their teammates a few days later. They spend time together and have some fun with each other.