Because This Is My First Life Star Lee Min-Ki to Reunite with Actress Kim Ji Won in New JTBC Drama

Because This Is My First Life star Lee Min-Ki will reunite with co-actor Kim Ji Won of Detective K: Secret Of The Living Dead in the new JTBC drama. The mini-series is titled Will This Be My Liberation, and it will follow three siblings living in a small town. It will also feature their relationship with a mysterious outsider.

In the K-drama, Min Ki will portray a struggling young man named Yum Chang Hee, who is an aimless and dreamless person with no ambition in life. He had plans to move to a bigger city and settle there, but things did not go according to his plans. The character is loved by many people around him because he surprisingly says everything logically.

Chang Hee has two sisters – Yum Min Jung and Yum Ki Jung. Min Jung is his little sister, and the character is portrayed on screen by actress Ji Won. The character is described as a timid and introverted person, who has always struggled with loneliness. When she gets tired of her monochrome life, she decides to come up with a change to liberate herself from the dreary life.

Matrimonial Chaos actress Son Seok Gu reunites with co-actor Lee El

Meanwhile, the family drama will also feature a reunion between the Matrimonial Chaos cast members Son Seok Gu and Lee El. The mini-series will feature Lee El as Chang Hee's elder sister Ki Jung and Seok Gu as the mysterious outsider Mr. Gu.

Ki Jung is described as a trouble maker of the family as she always complaints about wasting the best part of her life commuting to Seoul for the job. She is a well-behaved person on the day she receives her salary and the character is desperately looking for a life partner.

Lee Min Ki
South Korean actor Lee Min Ki will play lead in new JTBC drama. Instagram/Lee Min Ki

Mr. Gu is a charming person who decides to settle down in the small down. His decisions surprise everybody in the town because they believe that it is a boring place to stay. They curiously observe him to find out the reason behind his decision. But he does not pay attention to them and enjoys his life by drinking 365 days a year. His life takes an expected turn after he meets Chang Hee's little sister Min Jung.

Will This Be My Liberation will premiere in the first half of 2022, and the producers of it believe that the story will be loved by all the K-drama fans across the globe.

"Viewers will be able to empathize strongly with the story of these characters who search for a new path to liberate themselves from their confined lives. Please look forward to the chemistry between the actors, who will fill their characters with their own unique charms," the producers stated.