Battle for Kyiv: Ukrainian Armed Forces Claim Russian Army and Air Force Gearing Up to Storm Kyiv Anytime

This will be a fresh attack given that earlier attempts by Russian forces to take control of Kyiv had failed in the face of fierce resistance form Ukrainian army.

Russia is gearing up for a fresh attack on Kyiv with massive forces set to storm the Ukrainian capital in a bid to seize control over country, according to reports from Ukrainian armed forces. This comes as heavy bombing continues in Kharkiv with both the sides suffering massive casualties on Sunday.

Russia has so far been unable to seize Kyiv despite being into the war for 10 days and multiple attempts to penetrate the center of the city. Instead, Putin has lost a large number of soldiers and military vehicles including tanks while facing tough resistance form the Ukrainian armed forces. Reports are that Irpin in Kyiv is already under heavy bombing.

Russian Forces to Storm Kyiv

Kyiv bombing
Kyiv after being bombed on Monday Twitter

According to intel report and the General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces, Russian forces are planning to storm Kyiv anytime on Monday. According to reports, Russian troops are assembling outside the city with a huge line of tanks and other military vehicles to make a deadly attack on the capital.

According to reports, Irpin is already under attack and many civilians have been killed in the firing and heavy bombing.

This will be a fresh attack given that earlier attempts by Russian forces to take control of Kyiv had failed in the face of fierce resistance form Ukrainian army. Russia has also been constantly bombing Kyiv but that hasn't helped much, with multiple planes being shot down Ukrainian surface-to-air missiles.

Kyiv is already under massive bombing and a fresh attack is expected to be deadlier. According to reports, the streets of Kyiv are being guarded and the army and civilians are placing gunny bags and building make-shift trenches as protection in case of heavy bombing.

Also, sandbags are being put across the city for resident to hide behind them in case of both ground-to-ground and ariel attack.

Soldiers were also seen parading on the streets opposite to the country's parliament, while the entire area remains cordoned off and barricaded, as an attack can take place anytime now.

Fighting for the Country

So far Ukrainians have put up a brave fight against the mighty Russians, dealing heavy losses to Putin's army and air force. Russia has racked up considerable losses since the invasion began, with the Ukrainian Armed Forces reporting late last night that they have downed a total of 44 Russian planes and 44 helicopters in the past eleven days.

The new reports came as Ukraine on Sunday appealed to the world to help them with aircraft and ammunition to face the Russian forces. US President Joe Biden told the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that "security, humanitarian, and economic assistance to Ukraine" was being worked upon. The president said he was "working closely with Congress to secure additional funding."

Civilians killed in Irpin
Several civilians have been killed in Irpin, Kyiv, while fleeing Twitter

The Ukrainian president similarly tweeted that he had spoken with Biden and discussed security, financial support for Ukraine and the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

According to individuals acquainted with the situation, Zelensky in his Zoom call with Congress urged NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over his country to counter Russian air dominance.

Russia has made progress in southern Ukraine since its invasion 11 days ago, overrunning the city of Kherson and shelling the port of Mariupol, but Odessa has so far been largely spared. And the fight for Kyiv continues without much success.