Bardin Artem Igorevich: Top Russian Colonel Killed In 'Car Bomb'; Video Shows His Car Blowing Up in Downtown Berdiansk (WATCH)

One more top Russian colonel has been killed in Ukraine. Bardin Artem Igorevich died when a bomb blew up his car on Tuesday. Igorevich was in charge of Ukraine's Berdyansk city, where he has been killed.

Videos uploaded on the internet showed his car engulfing in flames moments after the bomb exploded. Igorevich was taken to the hospital where he died of severe wounds.

Bardin Artem Igorevich's car
Bardin Artem Igorevich's car Twitter

Explosion Rocked Tree-Lined Street

The explosion rocked a tree-lined street in the city center, close to the administration building. A shootout took place in the aftermath of the blast, with footage looking out over the city picking up the sound of gunshots as smoke from the car rose over the skyline, according to Daily Mail.

So far, Ukraine has not commented on the attack but it's widely believed that pro-Ukraine operatives are behind such attacks in the occupied region.

Videos Show Igorevich's Car Engulfing in Flames

Igorevich's death from a car bomb comes weeks after the death of Darya Dugina, daughter of the man dubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin's brain Alexader Dugin.

Darya died when the bomb went off while she was driving near Moscow.

Ukraine Behind Such Incidents

Ukrainian forces are "hunting down" Kremlin sympathisers in the occupied territories, according to Gary Tabach, former NATO Chief who is now based in Kyiv.

"Guys who betrayed Ukraine; some of the deputies, some of the leaders of Ukraine who ended up in Russia right now voluntarily, will be for the rest of their lives hunted down. Ukrainians have a very good imagination, they're very innovative and are good at tracking them down," he told The Sun Online.

Meanwhile, Russia has lost nearly 50,000 troops in the war, according to the Ukraine Armed Forces. In recent weeks, Kyiv has retaken control of some areas in Kherson and other regions from Russia.

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