Barack Obama was left embarrassed after he was caught doing this on social media

Twitter users caught Barack Obama following adult entertainment star Sara Jay, causing her to trend on the social media platform

When you've served as a President of the United States of America (POTUS), it goes without saying that there are going to be thousands of eyes on your social media activity. Every post you like, account you follow or comment you write will be scrutinised and Barack Obama learnt this the hard way.

Obama follows a popular adult star on Twitter

The former President was forced to unfollow a popular porn star after some eagle-eyed Twitter users caught him red-handed. The former US president thought he was being discrete when he started following the account of Sara Jay, a 42-year-old Cincinnati-based adult actress. Jay has more than 1.1 million followers on Twitter and her credits include classic adult films like "4 Way With Sara Jay," "Big Booty Revenge 1" and "Superwhores 7."

Barrack Obama
President Obama's hair famously during the course of his Presidency Wikimedia Commons

Twitter exploded shortly after netizens noticed Obama's promiscuous activity, which led Sara Jay to start trending on the social media platform. At first, people thought that the pornstar was trending because men no longer have sports to turn to amid the coronavirus or COVD-19 outbreak, the real reason was later revealed to be Obama's profile following the XXX account.

This isn't the first time a politician has been called out for their R-rated activity on Twitter. In 2017, Texas senator Ted Cruz was asked to explain himself after his official account liked a graphic pornographic video on Twitter, as previously reported.

Bring on the memes

Obama's social media activity prompted some hilarious responses from the public. "Idk bout y'all, but seeing Sara Jay trending made me feel even more connected to @BarackObama. My man," wrote one observer while another added, "Sara Jay – Obama thought he was logged in to his incognito account ....."

The Twitterati also didn't waste any time in discussing Michelle Obama's potential reaction to the "scandal" with some posting a popular GIF of her snatching away the former President's phone from his hand accompanied with captions like "Michelle when she realizes why Sara Jay is trending..."

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