Baksa apologises to all the victims; celebs who were part of Telegram Nth Room are being traced

Baksa was handed over to the prosecution on March 25, he apologized to victims and said thank you for ending the life of a demon I couldn't stop

The interrogation of Baksa aka Jo Joo Bin also known as Cho Joo Bin is revealing shocking informations. The latest news on the Telegram Nth Room scandal is that the main suspect Jo Joo Bin has publically apologized to victims but has restrained from speaking anything about the crimes he committed. As the probe proceeds, it is also alleged that many celebrities were also a part of Nth Room scandal.

Baksa was in detention in the Jongno Police Station. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had handed over Jo Joo Bin to the prosecution on March 25. He is charged with violation of the Child Protection Act, the Privacy Act, and the Sexual Abuse Act along with abuse, threats, blackmail, and coercion. In addition, he is likely to also be charged with fraud.

Earlier, a victim who was a middle class student then opened u about the horror she had to undergo after falling prey to Baksa. She explained what happens inside the Nth Room.

Apology and confession

Jo Joo Bin Nth Room scandal suspect
Jo Joo Bin aka Baksa SBS video screengrab

After being handed over to the prosecution, Jo Joo Bin was allowed to speak to media, where he apologized to victims. He said, "I am sorry towards those who were hurt by me." He also thanked the police and said, "Thank you for ending the life of a demon I couldn't stop." But he refused to answer any query about the crimes he had committed and remained silent.

Meanwhile, the cops have intensified the probe of 'Telegram Nth Room Scandal' and have issued warrants against those who were the 'paid users' and watched videos on Nth Room. Cops are trying to identify the members of the chatroom run by Baksa. Reports claim that there were at least 260,000 users of the Nth Room who demanded and watched sexually explicit and violent sexually oriented videos and are being traced by the police.

The Police Agency found 130 million Won ($105,815.83 USD) in cash inside Jo Joo Bin's house during the raid. So far 128 people have been arrested in the case and 18 have been sentenced.

Celebrity users of Nth Room?

Reports claim that many people who are popular names and faces recognized by the people are also users/members of Telegram Nth Room. With police intensifying the investigation and public including most of the celebrities demanding that the users identities be made public, there is a news that police have successfully identified at least 10,000 paid users of Baksa's chatroom.

As this information is sensitive and probe is not completed, the identity of members or users of the chatroom have not been revealed. But according to AllKpop, a famous start-up CEO, a professor, famous celebrity is among the 10,000 paid members identified so far.

Report also claims that these influential people made payment through cryptocurrency. Experts opine that they could be traced because they used cryprocurrency to make payments. If they had paid by cash, it would have been difficult to trace them. While making payment through cryptocurrency, that generally keeps the identity a secret from common people, with official permission their identity can be revealed from their cryptocurrency wallets that has an address.

The police agency has also said that foreign information technology experts will also join the special investigation team that is working on the case including the task of identifying the Nth Room paid users.

This article was first published on March 26, 2020