Government Awareness Campaign Video on Adult Websites Featuring Topless Stars Goes Viral

The video by New Zealand authorities,'Keep it real online' which featured porn stars, received over 22 million views around the world

As many parents are now concerned about their children being exposed to porn websites, New Zealand government has launched a campaign to keep kids safe online, via a video featuring a naked porn couple to send out the message to the public.

The viral video features Sue and Derek, who turn up naked at a boy's house to talk to him about real relationships. The ad went viral with more than 22 million views worldwide and is being dubbed in several languages. The content of the video has been praised for the use of humor to address issues like kids accessing porn sites. The video also includes conversations about pornography online that everyone has been avoiding for decades.

'Keep It Real Online' Campaign

Porn Awareness
Keep It Real Online - Pornography YouTube

It all started during the lockdown when record number of people were looking at pornographic content. At that time, the Classification Office released a new research study about New Zealand's youth and pornography. The study revealed that porn is often the first sexual experience for girls and boys, but it can be bad for body image and confidence, and to negatively influence sex perception. An ad agency Motion Sickness started working on a government-sponsored online safety campaign.

Hilary Ngan Kee from the agency talked about the idea of showcasing naked porn actors on the door and telling a kid's mother that her son has been watching porn. Kee said, "Quite early on we came up with the idea of what would happen if they appeared on your doorstep because that's essentially what is happening. They're coming into your home through a device."

The timing of this campaign was also perfect. The campaign was launched when New Zealand is under lockdown and residents were spending their days learning and working online. In between, a little comic relief like this video was welcomed by netizens.

But the Discussion Has to Go Much Deeper

It is normal for any youngster to be curious about sex and finding their answers on porn websites. An honest conversation between a parent and a child about what they might see and how it is different from real sex and relationships may help the youngsters to decide the right path. As the kids see stuff in those adult websites which are unrealistic and problematic, it is advised by experts that parents and children can discuss this issue.

As per Classification Office, in order to start a conversation about pornography parents need to have the sex talk first. While talking about pornography, there are important things which need to be discussed that include: