With average age of 16.6, Korea's youngest girl band Bonus Baby makes debut

The band boasts six teenagers with an average age of just 16.6.

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Bonus Baby
Girl Group Bonus Baby Twitter

South Korea's youngest girl band, Bonus Baby, released its debut album as a New Year treat for fans. A product of Maroo Entertainment, the band boasts six teenagers with an average age of just 16.6, making them younger than April, who made their debut in 2015 with an average age of 17.5. The first look of their profile pictures turns out to be bright and cheerful just like their band name.

"Bonus Baby consists of six members who have just passed their mid-teens. We hope to give off bright and cheerful energy with these innocent girls," Bonus Baby's agency Maroo Entertainment told Soompi.

They also launched their team logo which is a green egg-like shape with a footprint in the middle that reads Bonus Baby. "We wanted the group to send a positive and bright message in these troubled times. We hope that Bonus Baby will help people find happiness in their hearts," Maroo said in a statement.

The agency released the debut album's concept images on Dec 28, which according to KPopMap is giving "off a mysterious atmosphere with the green nature as the background." The debut music video is produced by VFAR, who produced other hit videos like Bolbbalgan Puberty's 'Galaxy', and 'Tell Me You Love Me'. The team is also likely to kick off the promotions soon.

According to Koreaboo, "the Korean media has taken to calling Bonus Baby Kim "Jong Kook and Ha Seok Jin's Little Sister Group" due to the fact that the group is the new girl group of the two popular celebrities." Expectations are already sky high ever since the release of their bright and energetic teaser images.

The six-member band consists of Moonhee, Hayoon, Chaehyun, Dayoon, Gaon, Gongyu—all teens born between 1997 to 2001. Members Moonhee and Hayoon were formerly part of the girl group myB, which has been officially disbanded. myB made its debut in 2005 and the six-member band had Jookyung, Moonhee, U Jung, Heejoo, G-Won and Hayoon. Apart from myB, bands like M.O.A, Kara, Speed, Rainbow, 2NE1 and 4Minute were also disbanded in 2016.

This article was first published on January 2, 2017