Automation Anywhere partners Dhurakij Pundit University and STelligence

Automation Anywhere DPU STelligence MoU Signing.
Automation Anywhere DPU STelligence MoU Signing.

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced an agreement with Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) in Thailand and STelligence. The collaboration will look at equipping students in RPA skills to prepare them for a digital workforce.

The AA-DPU-STelligence University Course Administration Agreement marks the first strategic partnership on RPA workforce development among Thailand's universities. As part of the partnership, DPU's students, especially those from the College of Innovative Technology and Engineering (CITE), will be able to enrol in an RPA module by Automation Anywhere as part of their electives from December 2019 onwards this year. STelligence will commit to providing annual internship opportunities for DPU students to help them develop industry experience.

"RPA is a powerful technology which we believe will serve as a promising and indispensable solution for highly effective and efficient industries," said Asst Prof Dr Narongdech Keeratipranon, Dean of College of Innovative Technology and Engineering (CITE), Dhurakit Pundit University (DPU). "CITE aims to prepare our students to thrive in the future workforce and become skilled RPA developers even as this becomes the new business DNA."

RPA is among the top emerging technologies that are reshaping industries. Organizations across the region have been increasingly looking for talent with the requisite skills to plug the skills gaps encountered. In nurturing talent in this important field, next-generation workers will be able to seize new job opportunities that RPA will create. These workers will also get to benefit from more productive and dynamic job functions where manual tasks are automated. This frees up their time to take on higher-level work requiring creativity and problem-solving.

"Thailand's strides in technology in the last few years have been undeniable. We are excited to partner with DPU, one of its top schools in Robotic Automation, to share our expertise to groom the next generation of skilled RPA developers," said Adrian Jones, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, at Automation Anywhere. "We remain committed to growing the digital workforce in our region – our collaboration with DPU alongside STelligence is a significant milestone even as we invest in equipping the next generation with the digital skills needed for the future."

Santisook Limpeeticharoenchot, Managing Director, STelligence Co. Ltd, adds, "We believe the way that businesses benefit from technological adoption is through forging meaningful partnerships within the ecosystem - from technology vendors to educational institutions and solution providers. We are delighted to work with DPU and Automation Anywhere to advance Digital Workforce developments in Thailand and look forward to offering CITE students with hands-on industry experience even as they develop their skillsets in this important emerging technology."