Australian woman claims ducks disappear mysteriously because of aliens

Reptilian aliens
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Desi Friend, a working nurse from the Northern Territory of Australia said that eight of her ducks vanished one by one into thin air and there were no signs of forced entry or ruffled feathers in the poultry. She claimed that aliens are responsible for the mysterious disappearances of ducks.

"Mysteriously over the course of two weeks, one by one they disappeared into thin air. There's no sign of any forced entry, there are no feathers, there are no big fat snakes, there are no dogs, there's no evidence at all. A wild dog couldn't have got past my dog and would have left feathers or a mess, and a snake couldn't have eaten eight ducks in three weeks," told Friend to

As per the farm owner, the birds had clipped wings which means that they cannot escape from the place by flying. Friend argued that the mysterious disappearance of ducks has indicated the alien involvement behind the phenomenon. She revealed that aliens have taken all the good ducks from her farm and now only a squawky duck, as well as an old duck, are remaining on the farm. In addition, she also mentioned a spaceship landing place on her 4.5-hectare property.

As the news went viral, hundreds of people in the Northern Territory of Australia took their social media handles and advised farm owners to lock up their feathered pets as aliens are looking to abduct them.

This is not the first time that animal abductions are getting connected to alien entities or extraterrestrials. In the 1970s, several cases of animal mutilations were reported in the US and conspiracy theorists alleged that alien involvement behind this phenomenon. Investigations led by Federal agencies revealed that the mutilations may be due to natural causes or by due to the purposeful acts of individuals.

This article was first published on July 14, 2018
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