Australian Influencer Caught Sending Herself Questions for Instagram Q&A with Fans

An Australian social media influencer was left embarrassed after fans caught her posting questions to herself in an Instagram blunder.

Byron Bay socialite Ruby Tuesday Matthews prompted criticism after she was caught asking herself questions in a "fake" Q&A session on Sunday.

'Let's Catch Up'

Ruby Tuesday Matthews
Ruby Tuesday Matthews Instagram

Instagram allows followers to submit questions to a user that they can then share publicly and anonymously, with Matthews saying she wanted to "catch up" by answering some questions from her fans.

"It's been awhile, let's catch up," she wrote.

After a series of posts, she decided to stop posting any more questions to her followers with a screenshot of the submissions and a caption that read, "SO MANY QUESTIONS! Sorry I couldn't get to them all! I'm off to watch PAM & TOMMY!"

Ruby Tuesday Matthews
The screenshot posted by Ruby Tuesday Matthews on Instagram, revealing she submitted some of the questions herself. Twitter

However, she failed to realize that her screenshot included some questions that she had submitted herself. The faux pas didn't go unnoticed with eagle-eyed netizens quickly picking it up before Matthews deleted the story minutes later.

Matthews Claims She Rewrote Followers' Questions Due to Spelling Errors

"Preferred brand of electronics that you have purchased for the new pad? How do you decide?" she asked herself in one question. Matthews replied to the "question" by saying "funny you asked this" before continuing to advertise major brands, in her lengthy response.

"I'll keep you updated once we start installing," she replied along with multiple photos of fridges.

Matthews also asked herself: "What type of furniture look are you going for in the new house?"

Fans speculated the questions were "setups" to give herself an excuse to advertise for the brands. Matthews later claimed the questions were legitimately from followers but she simply "rewrote" them due to grammatical errors. "I often summarise and correct questions asked," the influencer wrote in an Instagram story.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews
Ruby Tuesday Matthews claimed she rewrote the questions due to spelling errors. Instagram

She also denied the question about fridges was sponsored. "FYI the brands I tagged in my Q&A were items I already purchased for full price. I'll always disclose paid and gifted content," she added, along with proof of payment.

This is not the first time Mathews has come under fire. In 2020, Matthews grabbed headlines after she held up a Jetstar flight to enjoy an oyster dinner.