Australia is one step closer to develop vaccine for Wuhan coronavirus

China had a breakthrough where they were able to share the genome sequence

Scientists from Australia managed a medical breakthrough by replicating the Wuhan virus under laboratory conditions, which could speed up the possibility of a vaccine in the near future. A patient sample was used by the scientists from Melbourne's Doherty Institute, to replicate the virus.

Researchers from across the world are trying to find a solution or a vaccine to stop the virus. The death toll as of Wednesday has reached more than 100. The copy of the virus is set to be tested with antibodies to assess how the virus can be defeated. It can also help in detecting the virus in people who have not displayed the symptoms.

Breakthroughs in China and Australia can lead to vaccines

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The copy of the disease made by the Doherty Institute will be shared with other researchers in the Australian network of health authorities and to expert laboratories in Europe who are working with the WHO to develop a vaccine for the disease.

Deputy director of the research facility in Doherty, Dr Mike Catton, said in a statement that the copy will allow several researchers working on the vaccine to find an anti-body easily. Royal Melbourne Hospital's Victorian infectious diseases lab received the patient sample on January 24.

The breakthrough has come after the outbreak in Australia prompted Foreign Minister Marise Payne to ask the people not to travel to China during the present outbreak. The NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard also mentioned that New South Wales has become the 'epicentre' of the outbreak in Australia.

The copy made in Australia is being considered as the game-changer.

Scientists in China have also recreated the virus and shared its genome sequence. But, they were reluctant in sharing the virus. Both countries were able to bring together enough material that can produce a proper diagnosis of the disease. This could involve an early diagnosis where the researchers can find if the disease is spread even before the symptoms appear.

Chinese authorities said that the spread happens during the incubation period according to their research. The WHO said that it is unclear whether the virus can spread even before the symptoms appear. Despite China trying in its all its strength to control the virus, the numbers of the infected persons jumped rapidly in the past few days.

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