Actor Yael Stone has delivered a dramatic announcement on her social media accounts that she will relinquish her US green card to return to her native Australia in order to fight climate change which will have drastic implications for her own career.

Making a climate stand of her own, the actress, who has established a home in both countries after obtaining a US green card, said she could no longer justify her actions in light of Australia's bushfire crisis and stated that it is not 'environmentally ethical to build a life across two continents.'

Having a US green card allows the holder to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.

Yael Stone
Yael Stone/Facebook

The actor said, in her second video, it was time to make "sacrifices," adding that her decision to remain in Australia was made after a "long, considered process."

"So I will be going through the process of giving up my green card and saying goodbye to life in America. I'm going to be here in Australia doing the work I can to make a difference here because the time is now."

Stone further added that "this is war — and we've only got 10 years, so let's make these sacrifices, let's make these changes, let's put some skin in the game and say, 'yeah, I care and this is what I'm going to do about it.' This is just the beginning from me," Stone said.

Stone slammed the Australian Prime Minister

In a two-part video posted to her Instagram account, the 34-year-old Aussie actress slammed Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for doing "absolutely nothing" to support relief efforts.

"I'm sitting in a dark room, wondering what the hell is happening. Our country is on fire," she said in the video. "We've lost 14.5 million hectares and our prime minister has done absolutely nothing. Cold, calculated nothing. We don't have leaders, we have cowards. The leaders we have are the people around us, and that's what we have to become."

Netizens pour in support for her stand

Stone shot to fame in the US playing inmate Lorna Morello in hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) across the show's seven seasons. Her fans were vocal about her work.

Now Stone, her partner Jack Bancroft and their 18-month-old daughter will no longer divide their time between Australia and the US, instead of moving back to her home country in a bid to combat climate change.