Attention stargazers: Here is the list of events that you should not miss in August 2019

4g on moon
Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS

The month of August in 2019 will be very special for stargazers, as the sky will offer them some spectacular cosmic events. Even though most of these events happen every year, these sightings have always grabbed the eyeballs of skywatchers, especially amateur astronomers.

International Business Times, Singapore presents you the list of three spectacular sky sightings which you should not miss this August.

Moon's alignment with Jupiter and Saturn

This celestial phenomenon will happen between August 9 and 11. During these days, the moon will be seen very close to Jupiter, and it will be visible to the naked eye. Skywatchers using telescopes can make use of these days to watch Saturn's rings. Saturn can be found on the left side of the moon, but the rings will not be visible in naked eyes.

This rare planetary-lunar alignment will be visible in the southern sky. However, the visibility of this sky sighting will be dependent on the weather conditions. If the weather does not cooperate, stargazers can watch the sighting in the coming weeks too, but it will not be that bright and clear when compared to the three day period between August 9 and 11.

Perseid meteor shower

Widely touted to be the most anticipated sky events every year, the Perseid meteor shower will peak on the night of August 12, and it will continue into the early morning hours of August 13.

Unlike previous years, this August's meteor shower will not be that visible, due to the bright shining of the moon in the skies.

Return of Orion constellation

As autumn is knocking on nature's doorsteps, the sky has started showing some signs. One sign of the return of the autumn will be the appearance of the Orion constellation in the skies. Skygazers can take a look at this spectacular constellation in the skies from late August.