Attention party lovers: 9 ways to beat a hangover this holiday season

Hangovers can range from feeling like mild discomforts to full-blown shutdowns, often leaving you feeling low and tired

It is the Holiday Season and the festivities may definitely include the consumption of your favourite celebratory alcoholic drink. And it is normal that one might go overboard with it as well. There is a downside to a night of alcoholic festivity—a hangover.

Hangovers can range from feeling like mild discomforts to full-blown shutdowns, often leaving you feeling low and tired. We give you 9 ways in which you can recover from a hangover after a night of unabashed partaking.

Get lots of sleep

Sleep deprivation shrinks your brain

There is nothing wrong with hitting the snooze button and treating yourself to some beauty sleep. You have earned it! Consumption of alcohol often affects the quality and pattern of sleep coupled with the loss of salts and water, can leave you feeling groggy and sleep-deprived. So just sleep and let your body recover.

Replenishing H2O reserves

A cough drop and a glass of water are placed on a stool

Alcohol is fun. But it is also dehydrating. Consuming large quantities of alcohol robs the body of water and dehydrates it. The harder the drink more is the dehydration. Therefore, drinking as much water as you can help in beating a hangover.

A nice hot shower


Who doesn't like a nice long hot shower? But the hangover-alleviating ability of a shower often goes unsung. A hot shower helps sweating out traces of alcohol that remain in the body. Given that the body is tired and lazy after a bender, a nice hot shower can be rejuvenating.

Avoid caffeine


The caffeine-rich drink may be a preferred way to jumpstart a regular morning. However, not when one has hangover. Alcohol leads to dehydration. Consuming caffeine-rich drinks leads to further dehydration and making the symptoms of a hangover harder to deal with.

Salty Chips


Yes. Good old salty chips. Why? One of the 'losses' that the body faces after a night of drinking is the loss of minerals, especially salt. The humble, and now demonized salty chips, is one of the best ways in which a hungover body can regain its lost reserves of salt.

Cola (Not Diet!)

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If you have been unable to catch enough winks, then a can of cold Coke or Pepsi, maybe the fix you need. Its sugary abundance gives the tired body a much-needed boost of energy. Also, the fizz helps soothe a distressed stomach and helps in settling the tremble that you may feel.

A full English breakfast

English Breakfast

While it is true that fried and greasy food is bad for the body and can lead to an array of health concerns such as clogged arteries, obesity, and diabetes, a generous dose of it as a hangover cure can be forgiven.

A full English breakfast often contains eggs, baked beans, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, and sautéed mushrooms. Some bread and marmalade form a part of it occasionally. It is believed that a hungover body craves for greasy food. What better way to oblige your poor body's demand by indulging in a greasy spread that also has minerals, carbs, and other nutrients?

Fresh air


With a hangover, exploring the outdoors may be the last thing that one may want to do. However, giving the body a good dose of fresh air can help it recover faster from a hangover. So get your walking shoes on and treat your body to a refreshing walk.

A little more alcohol

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This one may not be the best way to go about a hangover. However, the body may need some easing into to beat the alcohol blues. People with a hangover often wake up with a craving for more of it. By giving the body a small quantity of what it craves, it can be eased into recovering. Nevertheless, it is not an advisable solution for all, as it can lead to more drinking.

This article was first published on December 26, 2019