Astroworld Tragedy Fresh on Mind, SZA Halts Concert to Check on Fan Who Passes Out

Performers at concerts are taking an extra step for the safety of the audience ever since the crowd stampede at Astroworld Music Festival in Texas claimed 10 lives and injured hundreds. SZA halted her concert immediately after she saw a fan had passed out. The singer was performing at the Union Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah Thursday, November 11.

According to TMZ, SZA stopped mid-performance after a member of the audience passed out. The star immediately instructed stagehands to fetch water to the audience and addressed the crowd on safety precautions. "If I have water in the back if I have personal water, then just bring all the water to the front," she said.

SZA Screen grab - Twitter@x_enters

'It's important to know that they're okay'

A video showed the singer engaging with the audience after the incident. "This person is literally flat out like passed the f**k out TM, like flat on the ground," she spoke of the passed-out concert-goer. She added that "it's important to know that they are okay." After scanning the area where the fan passed out, she enquired about the status of the medic. "Wait, where the f**k is the medic?" she asked.

'People don't die at concerts all the time'

"Some might think, 'hey people pass out all the time, blah, blah, blah,'" SZA said. Making a reference to the unfortunate tragedy at Astroworld Music Festival, the singer further noted that "people don't die at concerts all the time." Her statement received a loud roar from the crowd. "None of us should ever forget that. Some things end up shifting and shaping and changing the way you do s**t forever... and that's a good thing." She then walked around the stage and thanked the audience for holding their patience as the distressed concertgoer received help.

SZA performed at the Astroworld Music Festival

SZA had performed at the Astroworld Music Festival a day prior to the unfortunate tragedy. During Travis Scott's performance at the festival on Friday, November 5, chaos unfolded in the audience following a surge, which resulted in a stampede killing at least 10 and injuring hundreds. The event organizers and performers received flak on social media for overlooking audience safety during the concert that cost 10 people their lives. Travis Scott is facing multiple lawsuits worth billions of dollars after the incident.