Asteroid protection measures should be implemented soon to save life on Earth, says author

Several space experts believe that nuking an asteroid is the best option to save the earth from rogue space bodies

asteroid in a collision course
Representational image of asteroids approaching the earth Pixabay

Bryan Walsh, author of the book 'End Times' has warned that humans should formulate adequate asteroid protection measures before a space rock wipe out life from the earth's surface. Even though chances of the earth being hit by a doomsday asteroid are pretty low, NASA, the United States space agency believes there is a one in 300,000 chance every year that a rogue body from space will hit the earth, causing devastation on a regional scale.

"When I began working on this book I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with merely investigating the ways our world might end. I wanted to determine what we can do to protect ourselves, which policies and which priorities need to be put into place to give human beings the best chance of making it to the next century and beyond. These aren't easy questions – the world has no shortage of needs, many of them far more immediate than the remote chance of a species-ending catastrophe," wrote Walsh in his book.

As fears surrounding a possible asteroid hit in the future looms up, NASA is currently busy developing their planetary defence weapon that is aimed to deflect the collision course of asteroids. This weapon is basically a large spacecraft aimed to hit the approaching asteroid so that its original collision course trajectory will be changed.

Some other experts believe that nuking the asteroid is one of the best options to protect the blue planet from a possible asteroid impact. However, a section of scientists believes that nuking the asteroid will result in radioactive rain, which will drastically impact the health of all living beings on the earth.

Natalie Starkey, a space scientist claims that conducting a pre-emptive nuclear strike is the best way to prevent the possibility of radioactive rain. The concept of a pre-emptive strike is very simple; humans should nuke asteroids on one of its prior close earth visits.

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