Asteroid Apophis size and impact far more than NASA estimate, says researcher

Asteroid Pixabay

Michael Horn, a top research scientist and official representative for alleged extraterrestrial contactee Billy Meier has claimed that NASA has initially gone wrong while calculating the possible impact that will be caused by asteroid Apophis.

Horn, while talking to revealed that the space agency is now taking the dangers more seriously after understanding the possible repercussions that could be caused by this asteroid.

"NASA firstly dismissed the possibility that Apophis would hit the Earth. They have changed that multiple times now, fortunately, they are seemingly taking it a little more seriously. But initially, they were completely dismissive of it. Then they had to correct their own size estimate of Apophis to within 25 meters of what the original discoverer, a man named Billy Meier stated," said Horn.

Apophis is considered one of the dangerous space bodies that will skim past the earth in the next ten years. If calculations made by NASA is correct, this rogue space body measuring 340 meters in diameter will pass within just 19,000 miles with the earth. It should be noted that most satellites in the earth's orbit are almost 22,000 miles away, and this single factor indicates the closeness at which the asteroid will fly past the earth.

As per current knowledge, asteroid Apophis is apparently barrelling at a speed of 25000 miles per hour, and any change in the trajectory could cause severe catastrophe on the planet. There are various factors that could change the trajectory of an approaching asteroid, and it includes the very crucial gravitational keyhole. It should be noted that gravitational keyhole is an area in space where asteroids get affected by the gravitational pull of nearby planets.

In the meantime, NASA along with other space agencies like ESA are now busy developing a planetary defense weapon to protect the earth from future asteroid impacts. However, SpaceX founder Elon Musk recently claimed that no current technology on earth is capable to protect the planet from asteroid hits.

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