Assassin's Creed Origins tells the story of the formation of Brotherhood

The users would be playing as Bayek, an Egyptian sheriff who is struggling against forces which are "corrupting ancient Egypt"

The game, which has been in development for 4 years, was finally unveiled at a Microsoft press briefing titled Assassin's Creed Origins at the E3. After completing Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, the company Ubisoft Montreal started working on the Origins which will be set in Egypt and will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC users on 27th October. Considered to be a "brand new vision" for the Assassin's series by Ubisoft, the Origins will include new action-RPG elements which include leveling up, loot drops and customization abilities.

assassin's creed origins

The sneak peak at the new game gave various clues as to what Origins would really be about, and users all over the world are excited about its release.

Assassin's Creed Origins

The users would be playing as Bayek, an Egyptian sheriff who is struggling against forces which are "corrupting ancient Egypt" which will ultimately boil down to the formation of the Assassin Brotherhood that carries the entire series. Mostly set in the cities of Memphis and Alexandria, the Origins will span location wise from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza.

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The game features a lot of bow and arrow action but the most exciting part is the hawk detection which will be a core tool in the absence of Assassin series' conventional towers. The feature would enable users to figure things out on the land with the help of an overhead avian spy. There is a lot of combat in the game and the studio has said that the combat has been worked upon and modified to enable combating multiple enemies at once.

The Kotaku reported how Ubisoft promised the game referring to their blog post, "the game's designers explain that Origins will move away from the sandbox build of earlier Assassin's Creeds to one where cities, small villages, and the terrain connecting them can all be traversed seamlessly. The game's world will have NPCs with their own day and night cycles, lakes that can be sailed or swam in, wildlife and bandits on the prowl. Origins will also have bosses and skill trees, pushing it away from its stealth roots and into a mold that's much more action and stat heavy."

The game which is hailed to unearth the secrets of the origins of Assassins Brotherhood will have a season pass which will enable players to have access to the future major expansions and equipment sets with a pre-order bonus being released with the mission "Secrets of the First Pyramids."