Ashley Haynes: Fresh Scrutiny Into Death of Model Linked to Murdered Clinton Moneyman Mark Middleton

A fresh inquiry into the death of Ashley Haynes, a close associate of Bill Clinton's advisor Mark Middleton, has created a furor on social media.

It is noteworthy that Ashley Haynes was found drowned in Arkansas River with an extension- chord tied to her ankle and attached to a concrete block in January. A few months after former US President Bill Clinton's moneyman Mark Middleton's body was found hanging from a tree with an electrical-chord around his neck and had a shotgun blast through his chest.

A forensic expert having come across some photographs of Haynes from the death scene stated that there was something that did not feel right. He also pointed towards some stark similarities in Haynes and Middleton's death stating that he can't rule out the "foul play".

Ashley Haynes

Chords, a Common Object that Caused the Deaths

A faction of Clinton's detractors strongly believe that both the deaths are directly related to the dark secrets that Haynes and Middleton knew about the former president. "Chords" have emerged as a common object used to kill both Haynes and Middleton and this can't be dubbed as a co-incidence for it seems like well thought of and "planned" murders, added Clinton's detractors.

A report published by Radaronline stated that a renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht reached the shocking conclusion after reviewing exclusively obtained documents and shocking crime scene photographs of the 47-year-old model, who was once seen by a witness meeting Middleton to discuss a financial matter.

Dr. Wecht further stated that it's incumbent upon the police to investigate how she ended up under 10 feet of water in the Little Rock suburb of Maumelle, where she lived, the report stated further.

A Twitter user while expressing his views stated, " Also, Ashley Haynes which was seen with Mark Middleton and was a Clinton associate washed ashore and the death was deemed as suicide. I mean come on.. there has to be some legit and honest people working for the FBI still that can start leaking some things to the public."

"Mark Middleton and Ashley Haynes are part of a growing list of corpses linked to the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein, who was found hanging inside his New York jail cell in 2019 while awaiting sex trafficking charges," read another tweet.