Argentinian woman desperately looking for lost daughter brought to Malaysia by father illegally

Jorge Gabriel Langone and another woman abducted Alum and brought her to Malaysia

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Argentine girl is missing (Representational picture) Reuters

Elizabeth Avalos, an Argentinian woman is searching for her daughter named Alum in Malaysia, who was brought by her biological father, 41-year-old musician Jorge Gabriel Langone.

Elizabeth, 27, left Jorge after seven years of alleged abuse and kept their child with her after separation. During a press meet at the Argentine Embassy in Malaysia she said that after she received her child's full custody Jorge turned up at Alum's school in Argentina.

She mentioned that along with her ex-partner another woman named Candela Soledad Gutierrez brought her child to Bolivia and then to Malaysia. She got this information from Jorge's Instagram post.

Later she contacted the Argentine Embassy situated in Malaysia. The embassy took instant action and reached out to the local police, including the Immigration Department.

Manuel Balaguer Salas, the Argentine ambassador spoke to the Malaysian officials and came to know that three of them entered the country illegally through the Johor border.

On Wednesday, he said that the Interpol has issued an Amber alert and a red alert for them. Authorities are hoping to catch them soon.

According to reports the trio was last seen in December 2017 in Kuala Pilah and was seen to go towards Kulai.

Elizabeth came to Malaysia two weeks ago. She spoke to the residents of Kuala Pilah, who said that Jorge told them that they were from Spain and that Alum has already spent 10-years in Malaysian kindergarten. They also mentioned that Jorge has a part-time job in Mersing based bar.

Now, when officials are investigating the matter and searching for the little girl Alum, Elizabeth is seeking for more information from Malaysia residents and said that she will never stop looking for her child. She only wants to let Alum know that her mother is searching for her.

The authority asked the locals to contact police or embassy if they receive any information.