Are Loch Ness Monsters real? Gloucester IT employee films weird creature in canal

Loch Ness Monster
Representational Image Pixabay

Loch Ness Monster, a mythical creature described in Scottish folklore has been baffling conspiracy theorists for many years. People who believe in this gigantic monster believe that this creature is living in the waters of Scottish Highlands. Now, an IT employee has spotted a bizarre creature in the canals of Gloucester and this weird monster looks very similar to the loch ness monster.

The video was apparently filmed by Josh Hawkins, a 25-year-old IT employee. He spotted the mysterious creature while watching the FA Cup final on May 19, 2018, Daily Star reports.

"I was watching the FA Cup final and I looked out the window and saw it. It looked like it was moving. I thought it looked like the Loch Ness monster," said Hawkins.

After spotting the monster, Hawkins soon shared the image with his friends to identify the creature. After analyzing the image, Hawkins and his friends came to the conclusion that the monster spotted could be either a relative of Loch Ness Monster or another mysterious creature which we have not seen before.

"We were asking each other what we thought it could be. We all just had the same idea – that it looked like the Loch Ness monster. This creature could be a relative of the Loch Ness monster living in the waters of Scottish Highlands, " added Josh Hawkins.

The initial report of Loss Nech monster was first reported by Saint Columba in 565 AD which banished it to the Loch. In 1872, when D. Mackenzie of Balnain reportedly saw an object very similar to that of Loch Ness monster described in folklore. As of now, more than 1000 Loss Nech sightings have been reported and the latest one being a mysterious creature which was filmed lurking in the Thames river in London.