Are blood hunting zombies real? Swedish authorities arrest German 'living dead' hunters

The seized hummer was also emblazoned with several hazard signs, and it also carried the warning sign stating that zombies will be shot

As the entire world is busy containing the coronavirus pandemic, Swedish authorities have arrested a German couple who claims themselves as zombie hunters. The arrest was made when the duo reached the Swedish border in a hummer, loaded with arms and ammunition.

Zombie Response Team

Representational image of a human zombie Pixabay

In the seized hummer, the couple has written 'Zombie Response Team', and the vehicle also added a warning, 'infected people will be shot'. The hummer was also emblazoned with several hazard signs, and it clearly resembles the post-apocalyptic vehicles often depicted in Hollywood zombie attack films.

Local media reports suggested that the couple was arrested as they were travelling to their new summer house in Blekinge, Southern Sweden. In the checkpoint, Swedish customs officers were conducting a routine check, and they were surprised to see more than 20 weapons in their hummer.

Deadly arsenal inside the hummer

As per Swedish authorities, they discovered weapons that include, firearms, knuckle duster, truncheon, and multiple crossbows from the hummer. Even though the arrest was made on March 20, the case has only just been revealed by the Swedish authorities.

However, the woman who was travelling in the hummer denied any wrongdoing and made it clear that she was not aware of the presence of firearms in the vehicle. The man who was there in the hummer told that he did not realize it was illegal to bring weapons to Sweden.

As the news went viral, several people have started claiming that the couple could be part of a role-playing organization that enacts doomsday scenarios including zombie attacks in real life. More details regarding this mysterious case are expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

In the meantime, coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people in Sweden, and the total number of infected people has reached 24,000. One the other hand, the death toll in Germany has crossed 7,000, while the number of positive cases has now crossed 1,69,000.