Apple's first retail store launch in Singapore imminent

Apple's first retail store for Singapore dubbed 'Apple Orchard Road' is likely to launch in May.

Apple Store Singapore
Apple's first retail store launch in Singapore imminent Straits Times

Apple has just taken down the barricades in front of its upcoming Apple Store at Orchard Road's Knightsbridge mall in Singapore, in preparation for its imminent launch in May. Singapore's first Apple retail store dubbed as 'Apple Orchard Road' will be the world's first store to implement Today at Apple sessions, wherein a select group of creative pros will conduct free hands-on sessions.

Although the store is yet to be unveiled, it flaunts three distinct icons – Apple, Love, and Red Dot – on its huge glass doors at the front, which apparently signifies that Apple loves the Red Dot or Apple loves Singapore.

The store's name is placed right below these icons on the glass door wherein 12 other red dots scattered on either sides of the door represent the 12 Creative Pros dubbed 'Red Dot Heroes', who will be conducting Today at Apple sessions for the Singaporean customers.

"I'm pretty stoked to be able to share what I see, impart my knowledge using my iPhone camera to fellow Singaporeans," said Mr Aik Beng Chia, one of the local Creative Pros.

These Creative Pros are trained in skills equivalent of Apple's Technical Genuises who specialise in troubleshooting and repairing of products. The Apple Orchard Road will debut new hands-on sessions called 'Today at Apple' which will later be launched all over the globe in a phased manner.

Although Singapore's first Apple store launch has been delayed by more than three months, there is still no word on its precise opening date. We just hope that Apple keeps up its plans to unveil the store sometime in May, without further delays.

[Source: Straits Times]