Apple Watch to the rescue: Wearable saves yet another life

The Apple Watch has been credited with saving the life of a Brazilian man after diagnosing a life-threatening heart condition that he did not know he had

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The Apple Watch is packed with a host of apps and features that have helped save a number of lives over the years since its launch. The smartwatch's life-saving capabilities are in the news again for coming to the rescue of a Brazilian man by diagnosing a life-threatening condition.

Apple Watch – a Lifesaving Smartwatch

Apple Watch 5
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In October, the watch's Fall Detection feature saved the life of a hiker and his girlfriend who fell off a cliff, by detecting their fall and immediately calling emergency services. More recently, the Apple wearable's EKG tech warned a Florida man of potential atrial fibrillation. The feature is also responsible for saving a UK man's life by detecting an excessively low heart rate.

Apple Watch diagnoses life-threatening heart condition

Most recently, an Apple Watch owner named Jorge Freire Jr from Brazil recounted how Apple's wearable helped save his life by alerting him that his heart rate was unusually high. "I was coming back from São Paulo when my Apple Watch started buzzing," Jorge wrote on Facebook. "I check the message, which read "Your heartbeat is above 140 for over 10 minutes" or something."

When he checked his pulse using the heart rate monitor, the reading took him by surprise: 170 BPM. Despite, resting for a bit his heart rate continued to remain abnormally high so like any individual concerned about his health, Jorge went to the hospital to get himself checked. The doctors later diagnosed him with tachycardia, an arrhythmia that, if left untreated, can lead to a stroke and heart failure.

Facebook / Jorge Freire Jr.

"I can say #applewatch5 saved me," he noted. "I wasn't feeling anything and could have had this tachycardia for hours. Because of this episode, I strongly recommend to all the use of this gadget He can be the difference between life and death. No exaggeration."

Tim Cook sends his regards

"I want to thank both the doctors and Apple," he added. Jorge also received an email response from Apple CEO Tim Cook after he expressed his gratitude to the tech giant. "I'm so glad you are fine now," Cook said in his email. "Thanks for sharing your story with us – it inspires us to keep pushing forward."