Apple warns 32-bit apps will not run on future iOS 11 betas

What are 32-bit apps? Here's how they can affect you once iOS 11 is in full swing.

Since the last few years, Apple has been warning its partner app developers to discontinue 32-bit apps from running on future iOS updates. With the iOS 11 Beta 10 release note, the company has issued a final call, confirming that older apps will no longer be supported in next iOS 11 betas.

Apple is living to its promise of making iOS 11 an advanced software upgrade. Earlier beta versions of iOS 11 have shown users a promising future for the iPhone and iPad devices. On that note, the company is officially disallowing 32-bit apps from running on iOS 11. What are 32-bit apps? How can they affect iPhone and iPad owners once iOS 11 is in full swing?

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Technically, 32-bit apps are old. The least Apple can do to keep iOS secure and improve supported devices' performance is to make sure apps are regularly updated. In December 2014, Apple first warned developers to update 32-bit apps; further warnings ensued in the following years. Until now, some of these apps are still stuck as 32-bit.

Some iOS apps are still stuck in 32 bits so they have to be updated. To identify 32-bit apps on iOS 10.3, head over to Settings > General > About > Applications. All apps that appear here are 32-bit. Consider tapping each of them for updates; if none, they are doomed.

At the moment, there are no other ways to verify whether an app is 32-bit or 64-bit. For users who wish to stick to 32-bit apps for some reason, they do not have to upgrade their operating system to iOS 11.