Apple smart glasses: Everything to know about Tim Cook's AR/VR headset

Apple CEO Tim Cook IANS

Apple is said to have been developing their own pair of "smart glasses" under everyone's noses. So far, Apple has already patented a lot of AR and VR technology for this new device. Here's what we know about Cook's AR/VR headset.

According to Apple's patents that were obtainrd by Apple Insider, Apple's innovation in the augmented reality or virtual reality headset is mostly towards improving its visual screen through eye detection systems and comfort for its usage. Among their patents for their VR headset are "eye-tracking" systems to allow the VR headset to adjust its display according to the position of the user's eyes.

In most VR programs and games, users would have to rely on their neck to adjust their view in their new VR surroundings, which is a troublesome task especially if one is using the headset for a long time. The only drawback of this new feature is its technology makes the VR headset feel heavier, which could be a problem for the user too.

However, Apple has also patented an automated adjustment system that allows the headset to adjust to the player's rapid movement, as well as headset slips to prevent any hassle in using the VR headset.

Other than its VR features, the new Apple smart glasses headset could also have an AR feature that provides them supporting info as they look at objects in real life. The headset would be linked to a phone, and the smartphone would provide information about any object it can once it can be seen with its camera.

Moreover, another AR feature is its road prediction feature, which allows users to see their route ahead through alternate reality. This allows users to be prepared for any steep roads or sharp turns that they may not see anticipate and be prepared for it easily.

So far, Apple is in a good position to enter the VR industry. Sony, HTC, Oculus and Google have yet to establish themselves as the top VR technology out there. Apple's take on the VR headset could potentially shake things up once the company pushes it out to the market.

As for the Apple's smart glasses release, they are expected to arrive in the next two years.

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