Apple hires NASA tech-specialist for its AR team

Jeff Norris joins Apple's AR team to develop AR glasses.


In its long running bid to develop a successful Augmented Reality technology for the company, Apple has taken a major step forward. Recently, it has roped in NASA's new-technology expert Jeff Norris to help them build related products for the future iPhones, as reported by sources close to Livemint.

Interestingly Norris' appointment has been kept undercover, which seems like a private hiring move by the company. Neither Apple, nor NASA or Norris himself has commented on the matter.

Jeff Norris joined NASA in 1999 and helped the organization to create a software that could control Mars-exploration Rover from the ground. He later founded Jet Propulsion Lab in NASA in order to create new ways to control spacecrafts and robots in space with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Tim Cook is quite serious about bringing perfectly functional AR products to the market by 2018. He has been curating the AR team since a long time now. Apple has already brought in former employees of Facebook-Oculus, Google, Magic Leap and many more big tech organisations, to work for its AR technology.

Previously it was reported that the tech giant has over 1000 engineers working relentlessly in the AR project. Apple has just recently hired famous Final Cut Pro plugin developer Tim Dashwood to work on its AR, VR products.