Apple begins selling certified refurbished 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini 5: Should you buy them?

Apple has updated its refurbished store with the latest iPad Air and iPad Mini and you can save up to 15 percent compared to a brand new iPad

If you've been looking to buy the latest iPad Air or the iPad Mini 5 for cheap and don't mind if they have been refurbished, then Apple has a sweet deal for you.

Refurbished 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini 5 now available

Apparently, Apple has begun selling certified 2019 third-gen iPad Air and iPad Mini models in the US for the first time since the devices were launched in March 2019.

Apple's official refurbished store has been updated with the all-new iPad Air and iPad Mini 5 models with prices starting at $339 for the iPad Mini and $419 for the Air. The prices for the certified refurbished iPad are discounted by around 15 percent compared to the iPad Mini's $399 and Air's $419 prices brand new on

Apple has a wide range of refurbished iPad Air and iPad Mini 5 models on its updated refurbished store including configurations with WiFi or LTE/cellular, 64GB or 256GB storage and Space Gray, Gold and Silver color options.

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Should you buy refurbished devices?

Opting for certified refurbished iPads or iPhones from Apple is a safe and reliable way to save some money as the company says that their certified refurbished iPads are thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned and repackaged in a new white box (without any printing). The box also contains all the original accessories and documentation that you would expect inside a brand new iPad box. Since every refurbished iPad gets a new battery and a new outer shell, it is just as good as a brand new iPad.

Also, Apple offers a standard one-year warranty on every refurbished iPad which is effective from the date of delivery or purchase. Similar to what you would with a new iPad, you could also opt to extend the warranty coverage to two years from the date of purchase by buying Apple Care+ which costs $69 or $3.49 per month for the 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini in the US.

However, online retailers like Amazon and BestBuy sometimes offer lucrative discounts on brand new iPads during sales and holidays. These discounts sometimes outdo the price of the refurbished iPads.

This article was first published on February 2, 2020