App Store sale releases paid iOS apps for free

App Store sale
Matts Apps/YouTube

Apple offers a bunch of useful applications that you can use for different occasions. From a metal detector to a multimedia file streamer, all apps in this list originally come with a price tag, but you can get them now from the App Store free of charge.

Multibang (US$44.99)

MultiBang is designed for multimedia stream capability that allows you to send and receive photos and movies from any Apple device under Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You may transfer your favourite movies or videos to your big screen TV with AirPlay or your speakers under the same Wi-Fi.

Download Multibang for iOS from the App Store.

Zazn Meditation (US$0.99)

Zazn is a meditation app for beginners as well as experienced meditators. Customise your meditation with chime sounds, chime intervals, preparation time and background sounds. You also get guided meditations on breathing exercises, body scans, mindfulness and headache relief.

Download Zazn Meditation for iOS from the App Store.

Hand Held Metal Detector (US$1.99)

Hand Held Metal Detector was developed, tuned and tested for four months. Using the iPhone or iPad's magnetometer full capabilities, this detector easily identifies ferromagnetic metal objects (steel, iron, gold, pure silver).

Download Hand Held Metal Detector for iOS from the App Store.

Bubble Tower 2 (US$1.99)

Bubble Tower 2 boasts a new gameplay experience with 110 new levels. Popping the tower of bubbles to land the blue box on the green platform below.

Download Bubble Tower for iOS from the App Store.

WhereIs (US$44.99)

WhereIs is designed to give you a high-level information about any country you select from the list. Once a country is selected, relevant information such as country's capital city is displayed.

Download whereIsLt for iOS from the App Store.

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