Apocalypse Warning: Ring of Fire Eclipse a Solid Sign of Imminent Doom on Humanity? 

Conspiracy theorists believe that these celestial phenomena are all signs of heaven which indicates an imminent apocalypse

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Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the signs of the apocalypse are mentioned in the Bible, and the hints of a future doomsday can be viewed in skies. Now, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that the first solar eclipse of this year, which surprisingly coincides with the summer solstice is an indication of an imminent doomsday.

A Rare Cosmic Phenomenon

According to space experts, the solar eclipse which will happen this Sunday will be special in all means. During this solar eclipse, the sun will be at the maximum elevation, and spectators can see a so-called 'Ring of Fire' around the star.

During this celestial phenomenon, the moon will cover more than 98 percent of the sun's disc, and as a result, the solar system's star will appear in the form of a ring for at least 30 seconds. Ajay Talwar, an astrologist in India revealed that this rare sighting can be viewed in Northern India on Sunday.

"Instead of a wide fiery ring, the sun may appear as a necklace of shiny beads (known as Baily's Beads) due to light filtering through the moon's hills and valleys," said Talwar, Times of India reports.

Are these Signs of the World End?

Even though these celestial phenomena are common, adamant Christian believers argue that these are all signs from heaven. A few weeks back, popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley had claimed that the peak in solar activity could be hinting the journey of humanity towards the end times.

Begley also added that the recent world events that include the coronavirus outbreak, locust attacks, and tensions between global powers are all fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. According to Begley, these events will mark the rise of Antichrist, and finally resulting in the second coming of Christ.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the end of the world will happen due to the arrival of Nibiru, a rogue killer planet that has been lurking around the edges of the solar system. According to these conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is currently in its collision course, and when it hit the blue planet, catastrophe will be unleashed all across the globe.