Antonia Traynor: British Teacher Fired for Posting Photos of Boyfriend's Ex-Lover's Bare Breasts on Facebook

She also made a throat slitting gesture toward the victim and threatened her for which she was arrested.

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A deputy headmistress in the UK has lost her job for posting nude photographs of her boyfriend's ex-lover on Facebook in a fit of jealousy. Antonia Traynor, 30, posted a photo of her boyfriend's ex-lover's naked breasts on the social media page and herself posed at her making throat-slitting gestures.

Traynor was initially arrested for making the throat-slitting gesture and was later released but finally had to leave her job. She is now claiming Universal Credit after being sacked from her role at an unnamed school. The woman, who is still in touch with Traynor's boyfriend, Gary Openshaw is said to be humiliated and upset" by the post.

Jealous and Vindictive

Antonia Traynor
Antonia Traynor Twitter

Traynor posted photos of the woman's breasts on Facebook and captioned it: "Now she is emailing Gaz her t*ts FFS!'' She also made a throat slitting gesture toward the victim, who was previously dating Openshaw. However, their relationship ended but Traynor always felt jealous about the woman.

Traynor was later arrested after being spotted making a throat slitting gesture toward the victim and saying: "You are dead, you are f***ing dead." However, she was released on bail after being slapped with multiuple charges. She was convicted of disclosing private sexual photographs with intent to cause distress and using threatening behavior at Manchester Magistrates' Court.

Traynor was slapped with a restraining order banning her from contacting the victim for 12 months. It is not known how her boyfriend reacted to her actions but her school is said to be ashamed of her.

In a statement, the victim, who is a mother, said: "'I am conscious of the threats, it's had a massive impact on us and we have had to move house."

Antonia Traynor with boyfriend Gary Openshaw
Antonia Traynor with boyfriend Gary Openshaw Twitter

"It is one thing to affect my life but to upset my children too is on another level. She has never apologised to me for her actions. This has been humiliating for me and upset my family," she said.

Just out of Jealousy

According to reports, the feud between the two women began in 2019 after Openshaw started dating Traynor after breaking up with her ex-lover. In January this year, Traynor messaged the other woman asking her to call her over phone. However, they started fighting and quarrelling both started blurting out "nasty things" to one another.

Later in the evening the other woman received a call from a friend to say that Traynor had posted a photo of her on Facebook and that was of her breasts.

Antonia Traynor with her boyfriend
Antonia Traynor with her boyfriend Twitter

Eileen Rogers, prosecuting, said: "A friend took a screenshot of her breasts on FB and sent it to the complainant and a comment with the picture said: 'Now she is emailing Gaz her t*ts ffs' with smiling and laughing emojis."

The "distressed" mom immediately informed police but two months later she was threatened by Traynor as she picked her children off at school.

The victim said she noticed a car blocking the lane Traynor was "alone waving her hand in a frantic way towards me".

Antonia Traynor and gary Openshaw
Antonia Traynor and gary Openshaw Twitter

The victim added: "She drove across the front of my car and I could see here clearly looking right at me and she was screaming."

This time Traynor threatened her following which she was arrested.

Interesting the woman said that she had never really met Traynor at all prior to the post on Facebook. She knew she was in a relationship with her ex-lover and it made her very upset having to go to school with other parents seeing her Facebook posts about her.

Traynor is now jobless and is claiming Universal Credit.

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