Antivaxxer Washington Trooper who Told Gov to 'Kiss my A**' over Vaccine Mandate Dies of COVID

Former Trooper Robert LaMay, 51, was forced to leave his job after refusing to take the COVID vaccine last October.

A Washington State Patrol officer who refused to comply with a statewide vaccine mandate died from COVID. He signed out for the last time while telling Governor Jay Inslee to 'kiss my a**' in a final video message. He was forced to leave his job after refusing to get the COVID vaccine.

Former Trooper Robert LaMay, 51, died of COVID on Friday. He served 22 years with the State Patrol and retired last October. Following LaMay's demise, Washington State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste released a statement. Lauding him for his service Batiste said LaMay 'will be long remembered and appreciated.'

"This agency's prayers and remembrances are with his family and loved ones. Rob served honorably for over two decades, and we were disappointed to see him leave the agency this past October. His service to this state and agency will be long remembered and appreciated," the statement further read.

Robert LaMay
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'Jay Inslee can kiss my a**'

'This is my final sign-off. After 22 years of serving the citizens of Washington, I have been asked to leave because I am dirty. I would like to thank my fellow officers, without you guys I wouldn't have been very successful," LaMay said in his final message before adding 'and Jay Inslee can kiss my a**'.

Last month, a California deputy district attorney and Republican star who slammed vaccine mandates a month ago died after contracting Covid-19. Kelly Ernby, 46, Orange County Deputy District Attorney died from complications of the virus. She had opposed the vaccine mandate at a Turning Point USA rally a month before.