Anti-Masker NYC Realtor Films Himself Harassing Children For Wearing Masks, Gets Fired

New York realtor Curtis Goldstein aka Curtis Orwell chased young children down the street as they left school and yelled at them for wearing masks.

New York realtor Curtis Goldstein, who also goes by the name Curtis Orwell, was fired from his job after he posted a video of himself chasing and harassing children for wearing a mask. In the video posted on Thursday, October 28, Orwell could be seen following kids down the street as they left school outside P.S. 158 on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and telling them they've been "abused by their parents" by being forced to wear masks. Curtis yelled at the kids via a bullhorn.

"You need to be breathing fresh oxygen. Take them off," Curtis shouted at the kids. "This is diabolical. This is a psychological operation. Children should be breathing fresh oxygen!" Curtis asked "why are suppressing oxygen levels to our children?" before requesting parents to "take off these masks from your children." "Please take them off. They're not helping. They're degrading their health," he added. Curtis then stated that children "need empathy" and they "get that through facial recognition."

Who is Curtis Goldstein aka Curtis Orwell?

Curtis Goldstein worked for R New York Real Estate and was fired after his company learned about the controversial video. R New York CEO Stefani Berkin stated in an Instagram post on Friday, October 29 that Goldstein had been fired from the real estate firm. "The company does not support bullying or harassment of any kind as it is not aligned with our values," Berkin noted. "We have made the decision to terminate Curtis Goldstein immediately. He is no longer affiliated with the company," the statement further added.

Curtis Goldstein aka Curtis Orwell
Curtis Goldstein aka Curtis Orwell Screen grab - Instagram @curtisorwell

Curtis compared mask mandates to 'rape'

Curtis, who has been critical of the vaccine mandates imposed by many companies and organizations in New York, compared the decree to rape. According to the mask mandates introduced in New York in August, all NYC students, staff, and faculty are required to wear masks while at school. Many locals have opposed the mandates ever since, and accused politicians of "social conditioning" children to accept governmental policies.

'People should have the right to choose what goes in their bodies'

Curtis joined a Kyrie Irwing protest outside Barclays Centre last week and advocated for people's right "to choose what goes in their bodies." "We also know so much more than we knew 18 months ago about the virus," Curtis said during the protests. "We have therapeutics that have been tried and proven to great success. Unfortunately, those kinds of voices are being totally suppressed and censored," he added. Nets Basketball star, Kyrie Irwing was barred from the team after refusing to get the vaccine. Fans demanded the player be allowed to play in the team during a protest last week.